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    Fight the spread of Malaria

    Fight the spread of Malaria


    For every purchase you make, we fund a bed net.

    By the time you are done reading this paragraph, a child in Africa will have died from Malaria. According to UNICEF, Malaria is the third largest killer of children in the world. It is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by a parasite that feeds on humans. People who contract malaria are typically sick with high fevers, shaking chills, and flu-like illness (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.) With the right measures, this severe disease can be cured and prevented, yet 2,000 children still lose their lives to malaria every day.

    To tackle this pressing issue, The Ubuntu Project will fund the most effective method in preventing Malaria - bed nets - through The Against Malaria Foundation. Each bed net will be distributed to people in Africa most susceptible to the disease.


     If you fund a bed net, not only can your purchase save a life, but it will improve the overall economy of Africa as well. Decreased levels of illness and death result in a reduced burden on health systems and increased productivity in the workforce to generate a wealthier nation. So, we mean it when we say: every purchase you make, makes a difference.

    Education in Ethiopia

    Education in Ethiopia

    Welcome Ubuntu family!

    For our next initiative, the theme is Reclaiming Our Narrative. Often times, Africa is portrayed in a negative light through western media– only drawing attention to war, hunger, and poverty. But when we asked Africans to describe what Africa means to them– their responses painted a different narrative – one that is often overlooked and underrepresented:

    The purpose of this initiative is to give us a voice to tell our story and reclaim our Africa. In our efforts of doing so locally and globally, we are empowering our brothers and sisters in Africa to do the same. We believe education is the ammunition to tackling the misrepresentation of our Africa. So we have partnered up with The Tesfa Foundation - a recognized non-profit and leader in building youth and children’s literacy across Ethiopia.

    Every M.I.A (Made in Africa) hoodie purchased will fund needs of the school determined by us and the organization. Follow our social media to view on the group pictures!

    Twitter/Instagram: @theubuntuproj